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Access these reports for insights on:
– The masternode ecosystem
– Your customized portfolio
– A specific masternode coin

Go to Portfolio Report

Portfolio Report

We use statistical techniques to create mathematically optimized portfolios based on your investment strategy. Simply answer two questions to start!
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Go to Ecosystem Report

Ecosystem Report

View a high level analysis on the masternode ecosystem, top coins and trends for the future in this area.
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Go to Coin Report

Coin Report

Access a complete scorecard for any masternode coin, from its current position in the ecosystem to future price forecasts.
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View our analysis gallery, the datasets we use to create it and learn how to recreate the analysis yourself!

Go to Analysis Gallery

Analysis Gallery

A collection of data analysis images, charts, and tables on the current state of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, updated daily.
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Go to Statistics Datasets

Statistics Datasets

Explore the most up-to-date coin data available with our curated analytics datasets, allowing the comparison of coins across multiple statistical measures.
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Go to Cryptocurrency Book

Cryptocurrency Book

Visualize the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem across a number of metrics with our freely available and regularly updated E-Book.
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Utilize our free shiny apps created for exploring information in the crypto ecosystem

Go to Numerai Tournament Dashboard

Numerai Tournament Dashboard

View our interactive dashboard for tracking performance in Numerai tournaments, with user and group level statistics.

Go to Cryptocurrency Market Explorer

Cryptocurrency Market Explorer

Take a look at the latest market trends across the Cryptocommunity. View statistics by currencies, and statistics by exchanges.

About Us

Omni Analytics on the Blockchain
Data Driven Crypto Economic Analysis

Our dream team of data science experts are focused on providing the crypto-ecosystem with high quality statistical analysis and data consulting.

The Omni Analytics platform hosts best in class analysis reports on Masternodes and Cryptocurrency trading signals.

For those interested in self-served open-ended analysis, our R-based web applications provide unparalleled insight into the cryptocurrency landscape.


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