Masternode Ecosystem Map – ROI vs Market Cap

Among cryptocurrencies, there are certain coins that employ #Masternodes to secure their network, provide added services and establish governance. For their work, the masternode will receive cryptocurrency, something like a dividend.

With the large number of masternodes in the crypto universe, we need objective ways of evaluating them in order to find the coins worthy of an investment. Statistics play a uniquely important role in identifying meaningful parameters to segregate coins.
Here at Omni Analytics Group we work on upcoming technologies -and one of our initiatives- is to collect data on masternode coins from various sources -link to datasources blog-
We scrape data hourly and analyze it to bring you a whole new perspective for DYOR.

Masternodes can be categorized into groups depending on their return on investment using a method of Cluster Analysis called k-means. It takes data along with attributes and segregates them placing coins similar in attributes in the same group using a distance metric. Using @_mn_o_‘s data from #MNO we clustered and mapped out the players by ROI and Market Cap.

The latest version of this map, is available at our analysis gallery and our ecosystem report. Since this space is continually evolving we scrape the data every hour to bring you current information on all masternode coins.

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