Update on Covalent API-based Aave Dashboard

Our work on a Covalent API-based Aave analytics dashboard is progressing well! We have now re-constructed Aave V2 versions of every result in the existing Dune Analytics dashboard, up to the “Economics” section. This includes:

  • New users counters and over time
  • Transactions counters and over time
  • Volume metric counters and over time, such as:
  • Borrows
  • Deposits
  • Flashloans
  • Repays
  • Swaps
  • Withdrawals

Our next steps are to incorporate the Aave v1 contract address and aggregate with these results which should bring them aligned with the Dune dashboard, and to progress on the remaining queries. From there, we can begin further expanding the scope of the visualizations and statistics computed, refine the existing visualizations, and begin constructing the new customized dashboard.

Disclaimer: queries are a work in progress and results have not yet been fully validated.

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