Objective We want to see if there are discernable patterns between a project’s tokenomics and their short and medium term outcomes. For projects with a meaningful market capitalization: What was their initial token distribution method? (ICO, airdrop, other?) What was the starting number of tokens? What was the initial price? What was the initial market Read more about Bloom Tokenomics Research[…]

1 Introduction As part of the data visualization subdivision of Ethereum Foundation community staking grantees, our research seeks to provide graphical insights into the function and health of the network. Over the last few months, we have worked to update our analysis on the performance of validator nodes which was originally performed on the Medalla Read more about Tiering and Dashboarding ETH 2.0 Validator Behavior[…]

Numerai is a crowdsourced hedgefund that hosts tournaments, which attract thousands of data scientists around the world to compete for Numeraire cryptocurrency. The company provides clean, regularized, and obfuscated data, where anyone with expertise in machine learning can freely participate. Other than that, they also include various guides and coding samples to help novice data Read more about Exploring Numerai Data via R[…]

The release of Ethereum 2.0 will mark the beginning of the largest scale proof-of-work to proof-of-stake migration in the crypto-ecosystem. This transformation will render traditional mining infrastructure outmoded as network security and consensus is facilitated, no longer by miners, but holders of the cryptocurrency who stake a portion of their balances inside of wallets integrated Read more about Proper Proposers and Skipped Slots: A Ranking and Segmentation Study of Validator Behavior[…]

Consensys’s glossary of Ethereum 2.0 terms eloquently describes the act of “slashing” as one of Ethereum’s new processes created to maintain blockchain security. They state that Ethereum 2.0’s consensus mechanism has a couple of rules that are designed to prevent attacks on the network. Any validator, an actor that proposes and attests new blocks, found Read more about The Art of Slashing[…]

Over the course of the last few months we’ve revamped our masternode social media ranking algorithm to more accurately measure engagement by aggregating 13935

Our improved #Masternode eco-system map better highlights risk associated with #masternodes by

This post was guest-authored by Crypeli and published here with permission. From the previous article, professionalized mining is playing an increasingly important role in the ETH network. It’s no mystery that they are around,

As posted on Steemit @theomniacs One thousand nine hundred and sixteen …an absolutely dizzying number considering that’s how many cryptocurrencies were listed on coinmarketcap.com at the time of this writing. It may be tempting to believe there were always nearly 2,000 coins