In the #masternode lifecycle, coins less than 1 month old have rapidly growing MN counts, especially those with higher block ROIs.

At the time of writing, there were 41,871 verified contract source codes on @etherscan.

A silver lining within the #masternode ecosystem is that, despite price declines, the communities behind these coins have steadily increased the security

This post was guest-authored by Crypeli and published here with permission. As some of you may know, Ether mining’s profits are falling due to several factors such as: • Decreasing market price;

Measuring the accessibility of #masternodes through labor efforts highlights

We're experimenting with alternative views of #cryptocurrency adoption by mapping the countries

For this #MasternodeMonday, we collaborated with @Gemcut_io to create an infographic of the exchange listings

#CoinMarketCap just released a new tab tracking #cryptocurrency exchanges by volume,