When the @numerai team gives you a shout out during their fireside chat for the work you've done on their dashboard!

In order to find a suitable "starter" #masternode, our team used #MNO coin data to plot cost vs capitalization & volume.

Be on the lookout for updates to the NumerDash app! Before the end of March we’ll be pushing changes that will expand the UI,

This week’s #MasternodeMonday map includes new #masternode coins listed on #MNO, updated stats, more intuitive labels and one exciting development.

More #MasternodeMonday analysis! With @_mn_o_'s data from their #MNO platform, we estimated the average daily change in active #masternodes for each token over the past 7 days.

Among cryptocurrencies, there are certain coins that employ #Masternodes to secure their network, provide added services and establish governance.

Check out this cool new dashboard from @OmniAnalytics showing all kinds of stats about user performance in our tournament: https://t.co/73cqiGuUyd — Numerai (@numerai)