Update on Covalent API-based Aave Dashboard

Our work on a Covalent API-based Aave analytics dashboard is progressing well! We have now re-constructed Aave V2 versions of every result in the existing Dune Analytics dashboard, up to the “Economics” section. This includes: New users counters and over time Transactions counters and over time Volume metric counters and over time, such as: Borrows Read more about Update on Covalent API-based Aave Dashboard[…]

Bloom Tokenomics Research

Objective We want to see if there are discernable patterns between a project’s tokenomics and their short and medium term outcomes. For projects with a meaningful market capitalization: What was their initial token distribution method? (ICO, airdrop, other?) What was the starting number of tokens? What was the initial price? What was the initial market Read more about Bloom Tokenomics Research[…]

Tiering and Dashboarding ETH 2.0 Validator Behavior

1 Introduction As part of the data visualization subdivision of Ethereum Foundation community staking grantees, our research seeks to provide graphical insights into the function and health of the network. Over the last few months, we have worked to update our analysis on the performance of validator nodes which was originally performed on the Medalla Read more about Tiering and Dashboarding ETH 2.0 Validator Behavior[…]

Exploring Numerai Data via R

Numerai is a crowdsourced hedgefund that hosts tournaments, which attract thousands of data scientists around the world to compete for Numeraire cryptocurrency. The company provides clean, regularized, and obfuscated data, where anyone with expertise in machine learning can freely participate. Other than that, they also include various guides and coding samples to help novice data Read more about Exploring Numerai Data via R[…]