Visualizing the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Title Page


This coffee book was produced for readers interested in exploring the world of cryptocurrencies. You will find charts and diagrams to help you navigate the current crypto ecosystem. Whether you are noob or an indulgent crypto enthusiast we are sure you will find valuable tidbits in every page!


• An Overview of the Blockchain Ecosystem
• Insights and Characterizations of Alternative Cryptocurrencies
• Information about Crypto-Exchanges
• Interesting Trivia Facts about little known aspects of Crypto

Table of Contents

1. Preface
About Us
How to Read a Plot

2. Bitcoin and the Blockchain
Blockchain Illustration
Mining – Supply
Wallet Addresses
Unique Wallet Addresses
Mining – Hash Rate

3. Alternative Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Cash
All Others

4. Exchanges
Exchange Map
Distribution of Exchanges by Age
Exchanges by Number of Currencies
Exchanges by Number of Pairs
Exchanges by Number of Fiat Pairs
Cryptocurrencies by Unique Fiat Pairs
Most Commonly Listed Fiat Pairs
Volume vs. Unique Fiat Pairs
Currencies by Number of Exchanges
Currencies by Number of Pairs
Currencies by Number of Fiat Pairs

5. Lagniappe
Merchant Adoption
Crypto Sites and Metrics
Rich Lists
Delisting Altcoins
Github Rank
Whitepaper Rank
Social Media Rank
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